During this upside-down time, I am seeing clients through video conferencing. I am using Facetime, Zoom, and Skype. At this time, I am accepting new clients.

“The truth is that every time a door closes behind us, the rest of the world opens up in front of us. All we need to do is stop pounding on the door that now is closed, turn, and see the largeness of life that lies open to our soul.”  Anonymous

Often when people seek therapy, they are feeling their most vulnerable.

I look forward to welcoming you into a warm and safe place. Together, we'll explore what is getting in the way of your being in the world the way you want to be. 

In addition to my training and experience as a therapist, the gifts of my life experience inform my work as a psychotherapist/MFT. I moved into the formal practice of psychotherapy having journeyed through a number of prior professions including: education-teacher and school principal; executive search-partner in a small firm; international development -- leading projects in the Middle East and the Balkans. I have lived and/or worked in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Israel, the West Bank, Pakistan, Croatia, Macedonia, and Bosnia. Living in different cultures taught me to embrace difference, rather than to feel threatened by it. And so in my practice, I welcome individuals from whatever background, nationality, and ethnicity, with whatever life choices you have made and whatever beliefs you may hold.

I specialize in counseling individuals, couples and families: couples -- straight and lesbian/gay; parents/children; middle age children and their aging parents; individual men and women. Always the key relationship is your relationship with yourself -- as this is what creates the base from which you move in the world and in relationship to others.

Areas of focus include:

    • Life transitions and the impact they have on us and our relationships;

    • Navigating depression, anxiety, emotional dis-regulation, addictions, various life style choices, professional and employment challenges, and other struggles challenging one’s ability to feel OK in the world and thus be able to realize your potential;

    • Developing strong communication skills and making the accompanying shift from looking at the world around us for reasons to explain our struggles to taking responsibility for Self;

    • Working with couples from a developmental framework and attachment theory, to achieve empathic communication, deepening emotional intimacy and relationship satisfaction;

    • Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorders.

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